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HealThee Systems Inc.

HealThee’s Legal process out-sourcing (LPO) division offers a comprehensive range of legal support services designed to extend the capabilities of both law firms and corporate legal departments. Our approach is to provide custom LPO solutions to meet our clients specific goals and objectives.

We review, organize, code, and synopsize documents in preparation for litigation or in connection with due diligence that large business transactions require. We tailor our document review services to the specific needs of our clients. By working with many web-based software programs, we are able to provide the most efficient and flexible document review service. We are also able to provide finished results that are compatible with our clients’ existing document review software and procedures.

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We provide variety of services from research of judgments/case laws, document preparation to critical legal analysis in support of litigation work.

Our services include contract structuring and drafting, SWOT analysis, preparation of “Due Diligence Report” etc.

Litigation Support Services

Contract Services

Legal Process Out-Sourcing (LPO)

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We do foreign law research, legislative history research, multi-jurisdictional surveys etc. as part of our legal research and analysis work.

Legal Research and Analysis

We provide affordable paralegal services whether you need some quick research to be done or need a long term engagement.

Paralegal Support and Other Services

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