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Litigation Support Services

Legal Process Out-Sourcing (LPO)

· Examine and validate all necessary documents and facts to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of litigation.

· Find out and compile the important documents that are in favor or against the Client’s case.

· Prepare the petition / suit or application for a client.

· Research judgments/case laws that can help/support the client’s case in litigation.

· Prepare summary arguments or drop-in argument notes for attorneys.

· Prepare detailed written Arguments, Statements,‘ Affidavits in Opposition’, ‘Defense statements’, and ‘Statement of Claims’.

· Urgent research on law points, precedents and jurisdictional issues for attorneys.

· Complete analysis and reporting on litigation work.

· Critical legal analysis to stream line information from the ocean of laws, statutes, rules & regulations, on-line business, regulatory issues, legal news and legal databases to provide our clients with the most competitive intelligence information they need to know.