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Legal Research and Analysis

Legal Process Out-Sourcing (LPO)

· Provide Memorandum on legal analysis of issues presented by the clients’ set of facts.

· Prepare Court-ready documents advocating the legal basis for our clients’ position in an ongoing case.

· We survey and report on laws, rules and regulations in various jurisdictions applicable to a topic or issue

· Letters advocating a legal position based on a set of facts.

· Annotated summary of cases relevant to the client’s issue(s) with copies of the cases attached.





· Legislative History Research

· Multi-jurisdictional Surveys

· Pleading Drafts

· Statute of Limitations Issues

· Trial Briefs and Supporting Memo

· Personal Injury Issues

· Summaries of On-Point Cases

· Westlaw, Lexis Research to support

· Admissibility of Evidence

· Articles for Publication

· Cause of Action Assessment

· Document Retrieval

· Drop-In Arguments for Briefs

· Drop-In Arguments for Letters

· Foreign Law Research

· Forum Selection Evaluation